Having long been interested in the environmentalist movement and being visionaries, both Dr. Rowin and Dr. Gilmore were struck with the need to create a project that would preserve and yet stimulate humanity to find that quiet place to make touch with nature and allow man's higher purpose to come forth.

After filming in many local and foreign locations, the creators then composed and produced the original music. The music was composed while viewing the edited video, taking into account the predominant color themes of the video, the ambient sounds on the sound track and the desired effect that the music would inevitably produce relative to the physiology of human beings. The objective being to entrain the listener/viewer and bring them into the desired "wakeful dreaming", "self healing" alpha state ( 8-13Hz ).

Custom produced with the viewer/listeners benefit in mind, as opposed to being produced just for entertainment, the tapes have been on the market for over 12 years and are currently being used in wide and varied applications. The Target Alpha tapes have been used in accelerated learning programs, for meditation, in Chiropractic/Physical Therapy clinics to provide a peaceful ambience, in hospitals, birthing centers, and for use with yoga as well as non-medical personal use.
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The Target Alpha Tape Series was created and produced by:John W Rowin, PhD - Composer, Author, Publisher, Studio Musician with an impressive list of movies, television, and charted records to his credit has also recently completed his PhD in Nutrition. Dr. Rowin plans to continue to create and produce more Target Alpha tapes as well as council his patients with regard to lifestyle and nutrition. Charlotte P Gilmore, DC, PhD - Classically trained pianist turned jazz musician, Dr. Gilmore also composes with Dr. Rowin on source cues featured in movies and television. In private practice as a holistic Chiropractic doctor for 16 years, she lectures and teaches classes and has currently completed her doctorate in Health and Human Services.  Dr. Gilmore plans to give seminars and lectures on making the body/mind connection and achieving the alpha state using the Target Alpha relaxation tape series.

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