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"The artistry is soothing and transcending."

- F. Pearl McBroom, M.D., Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Preventive Medicine - Marina Del Rey, Ca

These words describe TARGET ALPHA

"The Alpha state is a condition of relaxed wakefulness achieved during daydreaming, meditation and often by watching relaxtion videos.

Target Alpha videos feature beautiful and relaxing outdoor scenes combined with especially restful music and ambient sounds. The composers of this series must inately know which tones and rhythms create relaxation, because this soundtrack is full of them.

While there are many of these types of programs available today, the production quality and the exceptional musical accompaniment puts Target Alpha in a class by itself. Highly recommended."

Paul Zuromski - Editor, BODY, MIND, SPIRIT Magazine


Much time has been put into this video series, it is a collection of beautiful scenes and nice music we have composed. We invite you to share this experience, as it is healthy to calm your mind and relax your nerves.

Feel free to visit "Sites and Sounds", there you will see and hear clips from our video collection.
If you enjoy Target Alpha, our online catalog displays the many Video Projects, CD Soundtracks and Audio Cassettes we have created for your enjoyment.


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